Monday, November 24, 2008

Still no picture. The out side of the house has changed a little. The trim is primed and looks a whole lot better. The biggest change is on the drive way and yard where Sammy and Andy work in the rain, sleet and snow to fill in the drive with piles of gravel!
Gilberto and crew are cleaning this week and the hard wood floors will go in next week.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The house is moving along very quickly. I have not taken a picture in a long time- Hopefully today.
They have been working on the driveway which had to be built up and a wall built to hold 40ish dump trucks of gravel! The sheet rock is all up and they are sanding it. We hope to get cleaned up and put hardwood down right after Thanksgiving.
I have been busy picking paint colors and details to go on the cabinets- which I saw. David and I went to A1 Cabinets to see what was finished! They are beautiful! I need to get pulls to go on all the doors and drawers.
The outside has been primed and will be painted soon. Still waiting on the bricks to be washed. There is alot going on outside the house and not everyone can get where they need to be!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Inside pictures of my craft room!!!!!! The kitchen/ breakfast room...
The family room.

I have been waiting so long for it to look like a real house!

The house is moving right along. The brickers finished today. When the ground dries a little I will post a picture of the back of the house- It is beautiful! The porch has arches on it that are so nice. One can see them from the street behind us- so not a total waste on the back of the house.
The porches have been pored, insulation put in, and sheetrock started!
We are looking at a March move in- if all goes well.