Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The purpose of this blog was to help anyone building with the order of building and to mark the progress of our house for our "scrapbook". Along the way I have recommended some of the subcontractors and given warning about others. Today, I am strongly recommending that anyone interested in residential elevators run from Southern Mobility Products. In the process of getting the elevator running properly, Steve (the short installer with glasses) has acted like a total jerk. He quickly jumps to his defences and begins chewing the customer out. Yesterday, he began on me-He informed us that he was going to keep 'making the builder do it till he got it right'. I suggested that he make a list of what was required and give it out so builder and trim would know what to do rather than guessing. He flew off the handle at me. David stepped up and told him to stop, and I walked away.
Do not use this company. This little dude thinks he is educating the world with his elevator knowledge, and he is hard to work with.

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